About The Wagon Wheel

The Wagon Wheel Has All Of Your Dine In, Entertainment And Take Out Needs

*Full Service Restaurant & Bar*

* Brown's Parties Every Week During The Season

* Indian's Game Specials During The Season

* Cold Beer, Wine And Pop   * Lottery, Cigarettes And Munchies

* Patio    * Big Screen TV's

Max Sorensen - Owner: Max Sorensen has been in the tavern and restaurant business for over 33 years. He is the president of the North Coast Licensed Beverage Association and vice president of the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association. His philosophy in business is to provide the best possible atmosphere for his customers by offering them a great product with great service and at a great price. Max always says people can eat and drink a lot cheaper at home, they come here to be waited on and to enjoy the atmosphere and we will treat them right.
mar04$14 fixed roger.jpg (10287 bytes)Roger Sines - Manager: Roger Sines has been in the business as a manager since 1989 and knows the right way to treat his customers. When Max purchased The Wagon Wheel in 1997, Roger was one of the previous owners. The most overwhelming questions asked by the customers about what Max was going to do as the new owner was, are you going to hire Roger, because we all love his humor, his great service and the ability to make all our customers feel special. This is a huge part of the success of our business.


      Bartenders: Susan, Carol, Lorie and Bree are all seasoned veterans of the business. Their outstanding service, creative ideas and disciplined work ethic is second to none in this industry. They each have a unique sense of humor while providing the best possible service to our customers.


     Our kitchen staff can put together a meal for you that's FIT FOR A KING. They, under Susan's guidance, will prepare the best quality food in a reasonable amount of time.



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